AC Adapter Charger for Toshiba PA3290U-3ACA 120Watt Notebook

Plug Type: US Standard
Sale price$25.99


  • Shipping From: United States
  • Quality: Class A
  • Manufacturer: Intocircuit
  • New Replacement Toshiba PA3290U-3ACA Series Laptop AC Adapter DC Output 120Watt 19V 6.3A,DC Connector Diameter 5.5*2.5mm, free 3-Prong US standard power cable provided, AC input 100V-240V worldwide applicable.

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    When searching for a laptop charger for my daughters computer I was not sure where to begin. She had emailed me in desperation because she was in college and her computer needed to be plugged in during class to stay on. I originally searched for a the OEM seller charger since that was her brand, but found the price to be a bit much. As I continued to look I came upon the Laptop charger site. I compared prices and they had the best price for a charger to fit her laptop. I did a bit more research on other sites and read reviews and decided to go with Laptop charger. They were quick in delivering the charger and she came home for the weekend and has no complaints since putting it in.

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