There're thousands of laptop models, so find a correct charger for your laptop could be tricky.
Tricky but not difficult,you only need a few steps to locate the correct charger for your Laptop:

1> Why I cannot get any searching results?

People are prone to input a lot of keywords before searching,

e.g. if somebody has a HP Pavilion DV6-6c50us laptop, he/she usually types "power cord for hp Pavilion DV6-6c50us"

It will NOT work! is dedicated to sell chargers and power adapters, you do not need to specify the category again.

The correct way to locate the charger for his/her specific laptop is to input "hp DV6-6c50us" and hit search button.

The key is to input brand name plus model #, leave out unnecessary words.

2> Still no results?

Some brands of laptops have more than 100 sub-models for a signal prime model.

We take Acer for example,

Acer Aspire V3 Series laptop has more than 50 sub-models, like V3-571-9646 , V3-551g-8454 , V3-571-6475 ,V3-571-9612......

You may get zero result by searching "Acer V3-571-9646" but you can get an exact match searching Acer V3 or Acer V3-571

We cannot list all sub-models, it's confusing as well as bad for navigation and user experiences.

The principle is:

Try with full model at first, omit unnecessary sub-model when there's no match.


Full model is crucial for newly released HP laptops, different sub-models may use different chargers.

3> What if I find two suitable chargers with different Watts?

Which one is better for my laptop?

Laptops with same models sometimes have variations.

Usually one with dedicated graphic card that needs 90W adapters,the other with integrated graphic card needs 65W adapters.

If the output voltage is the same, you can use a 90W charger on a 65W laptop BUT cannot use a 65W charger on a 90W laptop.

On the condition of same voltage, laptops and other devices will never overpowered. The amps you saw is the maximum one adapter is capable of, not the rated current. Your machine will only draw what it needs,on the contrary, if there isn't enough power(wattage), devices will often draw more voltage to make up the difference and tend to overheat.

4> I don't know the Specific model of my laptop.

Well, each brand has a different rule.

e.g. the model of HP laptops is usually printed on the bottom of the laptop itself.

ASUS is another case, the model is usually printed on the sticker which sits at the lower right corner alongside the TouchPad.

Other Brands adopt both methods, so you can find the Model of your laptop easily.


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