Slim Charger Replace Lenovo ADLX65NDT3A

Plug Type: US Standard
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  • Shipping From: United States
  • Quality: Class A
  • Manufacturer: Intocircuit
  • IntoCircuit Lenovo adapter part ADLX65NDT3A AC Adapter 20V Charger 2-Year Warranty 20V 4.5A 90W ac adapter power supply compatible with 20v 3.25A 65W and 20V 2.25A 45W, Special rectangular slim DC connector with smart Pin inside

    Customer Reviews

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    Bought one, had to buy two more since the first one died.

    The first one I bought died on me. The light went off right after I tried to use it for the very first time. I bought two more, but hope these actually work. It may be something with the outlets at my home, since another company's charger also died on me (light still on, but doesn't charge.) This one died right away though, so hopping these extra two will actually work this time around. Thanks!

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