Power Adapter for HP 24-g212ds Touch Desktop PC

Plug Type: US Standard
Sale price$12.99


  • Shipping From: United States
  • Quality: Class A
  • Manufacturer: Intocircuit
  • New HP 24-inch and 23.8-inch Z5N71AA All-in-One touchscreen PC desktop AC adapter power supply, DC output 65Watt 19.5V 3.33A, US standard 3-prong cable included, 12 months warranty and fast shipping.

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    A Dire Situation

    When I came upon ChargerBuy.com, I was in the worst situation. My original charger had been giving me problems for weeks where I had to position it in a specific way for my computer to charge. I was never in a comfortable position nor was it convenient as I do most of my work for school and the like on my personal computer. For a while that situation was fine, at least until I could afford a new charger. Then came the day the cord was being particularly difficult. I had to twist it in such a god-awful way and then the cord actually sparked at me! Not little sparks, large, white-hot bits of energy that flew on my desk, carpet, and myself. I've never unplugged anything quicker. I knew at that moment that I had no choice but to find a new, replaceable charger pronto. I looked at the website for my computer's brand and they had the charger around $40, not including shipping. I figured that was a bit pricey, so i went to handy-dandy Amazon and searched up the charger and the lowest priced product was $80! As you can imagine, I began to panic. As an 18-year-old high school student, I didn't have money to throw around. So, I began to search up other websites that sold computer products and came upon ChargerBuy.com. Being pretty cautious on the internet, I immediately was suspicious of the prices. They were so low compared to every other place I'd looked at; I couldn't believe I could get my brand of charger for lower than $20! So, I ensued to search for scam alerts for the website and, to my surprise and glee, it was all true. I was ecstatic and couldn't believe I had found such an amazing deal and articulate selection. And even more gratifying, my item shipped in just a few days, and delivered on a Sunday of all days! ChargerBuy.com saved me from a tight situation and I will never forget that. I recommend this site to all of my friends with problems such as mine and anyone who reads this should definitely consider purchasing from this company!

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