AC Adapter Charger for ASUS N550JA-SB71T Notebook

Plug Type: US Standard
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  • Shipping From: United States
  • Quality: Class A
  • Manufacturer: Intocircuit
  • Replacement ASUS N550JA-SB71T NoteBook AC adapter,1-year warranty high quality power supply Output 150Watt 19V 7.9A and 120W 19V 6.3A Compatible, DC Connector Diameter 5.5*2.5mm Elbow 90 degree, Intelligent chipset against short circuit and overheating,30 days free return and 1-year Warranty.

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    I was way more than somewhat satisfied, which is the second tier on the response possibilities with the first tier being very satisfied. There are shades between these two acceptable marks and this comment attempts to address this area of important difference.

    I was uncertain about the nomenclature on the selection of my particular charger type and tried to call the reseller directly. My experience of using cell phone minutes waiting for someone to answer the phone went like this. There is one caller in the line ahead of you and the approximate wait time is 2 minutes. A minute later the same thing; A minute later the call wait time estimate was increased to three minutes and one caller in front. Then two minutes later the wait time estimate was increased to five minutes with no callers in front of me and then to ten minutes with no callers in front of me. NOW WHAT AM I TO CONCLUDE AFTER HEARING THIS? What would you conclude? I hung up and was sorry that I wasted the cell phone minutes, but more importantly, my time.

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